Supermarkets: On the Beaufortain side, the nearest supermarket is the Intermarché in Villard sur Doron, about 14 km away, 20 minutes by car. On the Val d’Arly side, the nearest supermarket is in Praz-Sur-Arly, 40 minutes away, about 22 km away. If you are looking for a wider variety of shops, head to Albertville.

Grocery stores: There are also grocery stores at Les Saisies station and a small Proxy store in the village of Hauteluce. These mini-markets are only open during the peak season. There are also bakeries, fine-food stores, butchers, caterers, cheese shops open in Les Saisies during this period. Beaufort-sur-Doron has a similar selection of shops.

Cheese: You have to go to the « coopérative laitière du beaufortain » located in Beaufort (a 2 km detour on the road between Alberville and the town of Hauteluce where the chalet is located). during high season the cooperative opens a branch in Les Saisies station. You can order raclette cheese in advance and have it sliced. You can also buy vacuum-packed grated fondue. Don’t forget that there are two raclette and fondue kits at the Chalet.